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About us

Gameroom Goodies ( is a Family owned and operated Game room supplier. We pride ourselves on communication and being helpful to the needs of our customers. We have been in the game room entertainment business for over 29 years and strive to make each customer a return customer.

We don’t sell Big Box store cheap game room equipment. We try to educate our customer on getting the best bang for their buck. If you want to buy game room equipment that will fall apart within a year, that is fine, you won’t buy it from us. We would rather sell you what you need and have you come back and order more of our products for your home game room than to rip you off on the first sale, or sell you something that is crap.

Our Business is run by Father and Son. My wife and I are considered to have a large family of 6 children. All of our children work in the business from time to time to teach and educate them to work hard as they grow into their teen's and adulthood. Even the little ones take out the trash and vacuum, nobody gets a free ride in life so teach them young I say.

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Contact us: (855) 987-4263 Gameroom Goodies 811 E Riley Dr Avondale, Arizona ,85323

Tel:(855) 987-4263 , Fax:(855) 987-4263